News Lati exists to share ideas and perspectives from the world’s most insightful writers, thinkers, journalist and storytellers.

We welcome thoughtful and civil discussion from a broad spectrum of viewpoints. Nevertheless, to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for a wide range of people to engage in meaningful conversations, we prohibit certain Content.

Each participant in our community is responsible for maintaining these standards.

In deciding whether someone has violated the rules, we will take into account things like newsworthiness, the context and nature of the posted information, the likelihood and severity of actual or potential harms, and applicable laws.

Violations of our rules may result in consequences such as account restrictions, limited distribution of your posts, and suspension of your account. We may limit the distribution of controversial or extreme content.

You can publish only three content per day, all content minimum 200 or more words can carry, you have to at list post main poster per articles main poster size will be display in the website. You can withdraw money once a month or minimum Rs 5000.

Threats of violence and incitement

We do not allow content or actions that encourage, threaten or incite violence against anyone, directly or indirectly.

Hate speech

We do not allow content that promotes violence or hatred against people based on characteristics like ethnicity, race, national origin, religion, gender, disease, age, disability, or gender identity.

Sexual orientation, in such time News Lati Block Accounts without any information, and News Lati have options move legal action against Account holders.

We do not allow posts or accounts that glorify, celebrate, downplay, or trivialize violence, suffering, abuse, or deaths of individuals or groups. This includes the use of scientific or pseudoscientific claims to pathologize, dehumanize, or disempower others. We do not allow calls for intolerance, exclusion, or segregation based on protected characteristics, nor do we allow the glorification of groups which do any of the above.

We do not allow hateful text, images, symbols, or other content in your username, profile, or bio.

Content will be bellow categories: -

Agriculture, Art, Automotive, political, movies, Communication, Food, Lifestyle, Health, Finance Fitness, Photography, Service, Corporate, Craft, Creative, E commerce, Education, Kids, Love, Luxury, Marketing, Media, Entertainment, Music, Nature, Skin care, Space, Sports, Tech, Travel, Events Fashion ,Yoga, Organic, Relationship and Daily News, Breaking news .


News Lati exists to share and discuss ideas. We don’t tolerate harassment, which includes:

    • Using News Lati features like responses, private notes, mentions, follows, story requests, or writer requests in a way intended to annoy or harass someone

    • Bullying, threatening, or shaming someone, or posting things likely to encourage others to do so

    • Reviewing businesses in a gratuitously harmful or abusive manner

Privacy and Reputation

We do not allow the following: -

     • Posting copies of private communications between private individuals without the explicit consent of all parties to the communication.

     • Doxing, which includes not only private or obscure personal information but also the aggregation of publicly available information to target, shame, blackmail, harass, intimidate, threaten, or endanger .

• Posting intimate or explicit images taken or posted without the subject’s express consent Content that violates others’ privacy, non-public phone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses, or other non-public information, including sensitive or confidential information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers,

Restricted categories

We do not allow posts or accounts that engage in the following restricted categories of activity:

• Facilitation of illegal sexual services .

• Facilitation of gambling or betting.

• Promotion of harmful conspiracies.

• Facilitation of buying or selling social media interactions, including off-platform.

• Facilitation of copyright violation

Related conduct

We do not allow posts or accounts that engage in on-platform, off-platform, or cross-platform campaigns of targeting, harassment, hate speech, violence, or disinformation. We may consider off-platform actions in assessing a News Lati account, and restrict access or availability to that account.

Duplicate Content

We do not allow posting duplicate content, whether from a single account or across multiple accounts, either publicly or as an unlisted story.


We do not allow spam on News Lati. All spam will be immediately removed from News Lati, without notification. While it is hard to define this content with precision or completeness, here are some representative behaviors we look for that are characteristic of spam:

• Scraping and reposting content from other sources for the primary purpose of generating revenue or other personal gains

• Posting duplicate content, whether from a single account or across multiple accounts

• Stories where the content is clipped with the sole purpose of linking to the rest of the article on a different website

• Performing a disproportionately large number of interactions, particularly by automated means. This includes bulk, indiscriminate interactions, such as following of other accounts (follow spam) clapping, highlighting, or leaving notes

• Repeatedly using responses or other interactions as a method of promotion

• Use or re-use content templates with slight modifications across multiple posts and accounts For each of these behaviors, when we talk about “content,” we mean not only posts but also any other feature that allows you to add your own text or media. When we talk about “interactions,” we mean any feature that allows one user to interact with another, or with a post.

Paid, automatic, bulk, or non-genuine interactions

News Lati depends on various user behaviors — like follows and claps — to determine what content to feature and make the site work well for everyone. So, we don’t allow artificial behaviors that skew this system and as a result degrade or distort other users’ experiences. This includes:

• Buying, selling, or trading in accounts or account interactions — including follows, claps, highlights, responses or other traffic.

• Using services, apps, or arrangements that offer you more follows, claps, or other interactions on your News Lati account or content .

• Registering accounts, posting content, or interacting with users or content automatically, systematically, or programmatically .

Copyright and trademark infringement

Respect the copyrights and trademarks of others. Unless you’re authorized to use someone else’s copyrighted work or trademark (either expressly or by legal exceptions and limitations like fair use), don’t do it. We respond to notices of alleged infringement as described in our Terms of Service, Copyright and DMCA Policy, and Trademark Policy.

Deceptive conduct

We do not allow deceptive conduct on NewsLati. This includes:

• Posting content or impersonating a person or organization in a way likely to deceive people. Parody and satire are fine, but make clear that is what you’re doing. Our Username Policy has specific requirements for parody accounts

• If you have received compensation, free goods/services or anything of value in connection with the topic of a post, you must make this clear

Ads, Promotions, and Marketing

• Third-party advertising and sponsorships are not allowed. You may not advertise or promote third-party products, services, or brands through News Lati posts, publications, or letters. This includes images that indicate brand sponsorship in a post or letter, or as part of a publication name or logo.

• Images functioning as third-party ads are not allowed. Inline images or embeds that link out and function as banner ads for third-party brands are not allowed.

• You must disclose affiliate links or payment for a post. Affiliate links, such as link out to Amazon with your code, or any other link out where you will receive a commission or other value, are allowed in posts. But, you must disclose somewhere in the post that it includes affiliate links. If you have received payment, goods or services, or something else of value in exchange for writing a post, you must still disclose this fact in writing within your post (as per FTC Rules and Guides).

• Multi-level marketing content is not allowed.

To prevent fraud and abuse, you must:

• Include a link to your active project domain in your user account bio.

• Use an email address from that domain as your verified News Lati account email, and maintain that email account actively.

• Link at least one consistently-branded social media account (Facebook or Twitter) to your News Lati account. That social account should also link out prominently to the same domain as is  included in your News Lati user bio.

• Include a prominent about page with up-to-date contact information on your project website.

You may not:

• Use an anonymous email address which is not linked to your project domain. (e.g., Gmail, proton mail,, etc.)

• Advertise or participate in bounty campaigns, pump and dumps, reviewing for reward, or other forms of brigading or inauthentic activity.

• Include shortened URLs in your posts.

Graphic content

➢ We do not allow pornographic images or videos. We do allow erotic writing and nongraphic erotic images.

➢ We do not allow gratuitously graphic or disturbing media, even if it’s not pornographic. Exploitation of minors We do not allow content promoting the sexual or violent

exploitation of minors,

including the sexualization of fictional minors. Promotion and glorification of self-harm We do not allow activities that encourage,

promote or glorify acts of self-harm,

such as cutting, eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia, and suicide. If you encounter users contemplating or threatening self-harm, please report it to us via the form or email address linked below.

How to report a violation

If you find a post or account on Medium that violates these rules, please flag it. You can use this form to provide more detail or to report other conduct you believe violates our rules. Additionally, you can send us an email to .

If you break the rules

We strive to be fair, but we reserve the right to suspend accounts or remove content, without notice, for any reason, particularly to protect our services, infrastructure, users, or community. If you attempt to evade suspension by creating new accounts or posts, we will suspend your new accounts and posts.


Upon investigating or disabling content associated with your account, we will notify you, unless we believe your account is automated or operating in bad faith, or that notifying you is likely to cause, maintain or exacerbate harm to someone.


If you believe your content or account has been restricted or disabled in error, or believe there is relevant context we were not aware of in reaching our determination, you can write to us at . We will consider all good faith efforts to appeal.

Member Content Guidelines

To be eligible for inclusion and potential monetization from member-only content, user posts must meet all News Lati rules as well as the following content requirements. We’ve set these additional guidelines for member-only stories to create a fair environment for writers in our Partner Program and a richer reading experience for members.

• Member stories should not exist with the predominant purpose of driving traffic to an external website, business, or product. All included content must be relevant, substantial                           and informative.

• If you have received compensation, free goods/services, or anything of value in connection with the topic of a post, you must make this clear.

• Do not ask for claps or include other calls to action, including gifs of clapping, requests for donations, or other links or embeds for the purpose of capturing user information or                          soliciting money.

If you violate these Member content rules

News Lati reserves the right to review posts or accounts at any time and stop payment for any post or to any account, and/or remove from the Member section content that violates these Member Content Guidelines, or News Lati’s general rules. In deciding whether something has violated the Rules and Guidelines, we will take into account things like the context, newsworthiness, and nature of the posted information and applicable privacy laws. Repeated violations of the Rules and Requirements will result in permanent ineligibility to participate in the program.

How to report a Member post violation

If you find a member post or account on News Lati that violates these rules, please flag it. You can use this form to provide more detail or to report other conduct you believe violates our rules. Additionally, you can send us an email to .

If you have questions or feedback about these rules, let us know. You can contact us at .